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We spend so much time at work, on average 1,700 hours a year. Although many people enjoy their occupation, society is trending toward living a more meaningful life. The Millennial generation wants their work to matter, the X generation wants to make their mark and the boomers want their mark to mean more. In effect more people whether they are starting their career, mid-career, or nearing the end of their career are seeking the opportunity to live their legacy.

Suzanne F. Stevens delivers thought- provoking and inspiring keynotes, sessions and Community Collaborative Experiences that will cultivate a workplace culture that will engage employees  while appealing to their holistic aspirations. At the core of each programs there is a  focus on how to connect, communicate and collaborate while contributing to a well-aligned social initiative.

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Many organizations have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, however, many of these initiatives are more focused on external perception rather then internal motivation. The majority of employees are just observers of the contribution, rather than involved in its realization. By investing in creating a culture of conscious contributions™ there becomes an opportunity to intensify employee engagement, improve employee satisfaction, promote cross department communications, share thought-leadership, recruit top talent, increase retention while elevating brand equity.

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Influencing skills for Social Enterprises

Well-intended initiatives are often derailed because of the inability to foster support or the realities of other stakeholder priorities. Pursuing and contributing with a social impact, like any business initiative, requires the ability to be able to influence outcomes in order to realize its potential.

Influential communications are essential to gaining buy-in of the community, investors, sponsors, employees, and suppliers. In order to align all key stakeholders into an overarching purpose, values need to be embedded into the culture and communicated in every interaction. Stakeholders need to have a clear purpose and demonstrate unwavering commitment.

First the aspiration is achieved by having a clear vision, mission, purpose and values. Then ensuring the communication is consistent and meaningful to each of the stakeholders

Suzanne F. Stevens has been building influential communication skills within organizations since 1999 with the goal to have better and deeper relationships within organizations and between client and supplier. Social Enterprises have a unique message and although many stakeholders are becoming more conscious they still need to be delivered a compelling message to gain commitment.


Influential cofa013000153communication skills needed:

  • Evaluating or reevaluating the Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values
  • How to communicate Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values to a multitude of stakeholders
    • How to gain buy-in of prospective stakeholders
      In one-to-one, small or large group communications
    • How to create the best symbiotic partnership
    • How to continue and maintain symbiotic partnerships long-term

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YouMeWe Radio — Cultivating Conscious Contributions™

We are in a unique time where generations are colliding at the core of humanity. Our need to contribute to the betterment of our communities, country and beyond is surpassing our need to consume. The desire to leave our legacy is a craving that the aging population is now becoming obsessed with, and yet so many don’t know how to contribute, when to contribute, to whom, nor to where.

Society as a whole is trending toward living a more meaningful life. The Millennial generation wants their effort to matter, the X generation wants to make their mark and the boomers want their mark to mean more. In effect, whether they are starting their career, mid-career, changing their career, or nearing the end of their career, more people are seeking the opportunity to consciously contribute.

Suzanne F. Stevens is the host of a radio show where we highlight diverse people from all over the world who have consciously contributed to their community, country or beyond. The goal of the program is to engage and encourage the audience to consciously contribute™.

Secondly, it is to celebrate, learn from and be inspired by those who have created sustainable small or large impactful initiatives.

Each show will focus on understanding a Contributor’s motivation, how they implemented their contributions, who it impacts, and the challenges. How they make it sustainable and any other advice they can provide to others. This is not about promoting companies, or large organizations, but about individuals who saw an opportunity to make a difference. It’s about their journey and how the audience can learn about themselves and the opportunities that exist for them as a listener.

Individuals will become exposed to successful community initiatives while we create a movement where people will want to become involved in something bigger than them.


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